Tuition Fee Loan and Grant for Welsh and EU Students

Tuition Fees for 2017/18 are: £9,000 per year for Honours Degrees, Foundation Years and Cert HE courses

and £8,000 per year for Foundation Degrees and HNDs.

There are two parts to covering this cost:

Tuition Fee Loan – up to £4,046

Tuition Fee Grant – up to £4,954

Tuition Fee Loans and Grants are not based on household income.

The Tuition Fee Loan can be taken out to pay the first £4,046 of tuition fees or you can choose to pay this yourself. If your tuition fees are higher, then the Tuition Fee Grant will be paid directly to your university or college to cover the difference up to £4,954 (totalling £9,000). If the tuition fee amount is higher, then any difference will need to be self-funded.

Interest will be applied to your Tuition Fee Loan from the first day the money is paid to your university or college until it has been repaid in full or written off.

Student Finance Wales