Living Costs and Budgeting

It is important to think about you income and outgoings before starting your studies. The information here will give you a general idea on the cost of living in South Wales and there is some excellent budgeting and money management tips to help you plan ahead.

Budgeting isn't the most exciting of subjects and probably not the highest item on your priority list, but as student on a limited income you'll sooner or later have to learn how to manage your money as efficiently as possible. The sooner you learn it, the less painful the process turns out to be. One of the simplest ways to avoid money mismanagement is to create a realistic budget, and, more importantly, stick to it!

A budget is a written plan to help you keep track of what you are spending over time. Managing a budget is not a as difficult as it sounds, it's just a matter of common sense.

A budget gives you an accurate picture of your financial position, and it can highlight where savings can potentially be made. Budgeting also shows you and others (such as your bank or your parents) that you are handling the money you have wisely, and that you are stretching it as much as possible.

Below are some basic average living costs when studying here at the University of South Wales. However, you need to remember to budget for books and course costs, clothes, socialising, and travel. You may also have other expenses not listed here.

Average Living costs in living in Halls of Residence*

Estimated living costs Week Month Academic Year
Rent £79-£160* £355-£720 £3,318 - £6,720
Food £32 £144 £1,344
Toiletries/Laundry £9 £40.50 £378
Telephone/TV Licence £9 £40.50 £378
Total £129 - £210 £580 - £945 £5,418 - £8,820

Average Living costs in living in Private Accommodation

Estimated living costs Week Month Academic Year
Rent £60 £270 £2,520
Bills £13 £59 £546
Food £32 £144 £1,344
Toiletries/Laundry £4 £18 £168
Telephone/TV Licence £5 £23 £210
Total £114 £514 £4,788

Remember, you may not receive your student loan in the first week of term, so bring some cash with you to cover your expenses for a week or two.

*Hall Fees can vary depending on campus and accommodation type. Please see Accommodation for further information.

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